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This system is a pure client-side, micro-blogging system built to compile your online life into an easy to view (and theme!) activity stream.

Rather than relying on server-side languages to build each page, each visiting client handles assembling all required resources! This means less work for the server as your site is basically "crowd-sourced" out to the people that want to see it.

Built with jQuery, HTML 5, CSS 3, and using advanced features such as localStorage and History.pushState while still supporting a wide variety of older devices. It's 10 kilobytes of responsiveness.

Visit An Event Apart's 10k Challenge to see other amazing entries.

Contact Me

There is nothing like meeting talented new people. Unfortunally, there is nothing like spam either. Therefore, if you would like to reach me please email my first name at this site or click on one of my social network links to find me.

If you're intersted in knowing how close I am to you, check out the map. Google knows all.